Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tours to Russia

The following is a paid review:

New Year's celebration is coming and I was asked to offer you a great way to spend it in Russia. I talk about Baltic travel company's (located in UK) tours to Russia. So what do they have.

First of all it's guiding tours to Moscow, St. Petersburg and some other famous places. For example, choosing "Experience Russia Tour" you'll have one day to see the town where I live, Velikiy Novgorod. Program includes visiting the Kremlin and St. Sophia Cathedral, Yaroslavl Court, open-air museum Vitoslavlitsy and Cathedral of St. George. Tour's prices start at £1000 pp.

Another interesting tour is "Trans-Siberian Express". For 14 days you'll pass all Russia from West to East. You'll see Russian nature, Russian vilages, and still unexplored Eastern part of Russia.

Moscow and St. Petersburg city breaks leave you more freedom for planning your holidays. It would be mainly interesting for experienced travellers or travellers with unusual interests. Anyway, walking without guide, you can better feel the mood of the place, act like native people, make friends, and do things you can't do with a guide =). Russians are friendly to tourists, so you can be free to walk wherever you want . City breaks are much cheaper than guided tours. Prices start at £500 pp.

P.S. Happy New 2009 year =)!