Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Let's talk

For thoose of you, who are learning Russian language. Now I had a Skype account. It is sergey.belyakov. I will train my practical English with great pleasure. So, if you want to talk with me - just call. =)


jackpinejames said...

Hello Sebe;
I have been to a basic Russian class but hardly even good enough to converse. Plus, It was last April and I think I forgot most of what I had learned.
Are you up for a challenge? Is there some books or texts I need in advance?
Thank you for your time and patience.

SeBe said...

We can talk, if you want to test yourself.

I dan't know what books will be better for you... Try ask there.

Patrick said...

Privyet Sebe,

I am seeing a Russian tutor two times a week in preparation for a trip to Moscow on September 6th. I am a yoga teacher in San Francisco and would like to practice in Moscow Ashtanga Center. I applying for business visa and plan on staying in Russia until October 27th. Hope to use my Russian to lead a yoga class at my studio in SF as we have many awesome Russian students.

Davaite pagavareem!


SeBe said...

No problems, Patrick. Davajte. ;)