Saturday, November 11, 2006


The following is a paid review:

I would agree to sit in prison if there were a computer and the Internet (and that me fed and started up in a toilet). The Internet, if you yet have not understood, is more terrible than the Siberian ulcer, the bird's flu and AIDS. In the future, people will migrate to the Internet but not in cosmos. I don’t know how it will be; I hope somebody will think it out for me...

And where those times when I stood in a queue at cinema on "The Matrix"!

More ingeniously then the Internet to think up nothing. Judge: on the Internet you can get virtual sex with whom has got, to copy messages from one window to another, to fall in love, exchange gossips and to have 100 friends, and certainly to earn a PayPal.

For example, free-lance work is very interesting thing. Is like you are cool designer from Kolyma, but you have free-lance work in one famous design company in Moscow or Paris. And also you receive for the design so much, how many in Kolyma nobody and never would pay to you.

Or another variant - you whimper in the blog, that you can’t find work and as a result the employer himself find you.

There is the system ReviewMe. The system is engaged in reviews. Any company, may be Audi, decided to arrange PR-action on the Internet and has addressed for service to ReviewMe. And ReviewMe ask bloggers for some payment write about Audi in their blog. Now it is popular to be a blogger and get a blog. It is considered, that it is very favorable to advertise the company in blogs.

P.S. There is same system in Russia.

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