Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dating service

Some of you can be interested in meeting Russian friend or a "Russian bride". You should know that most popular dating services in Runet are united in one database. It very cool to had more than 2 000 000 active user profiles at one site.

Unfortunately, Mamba hadn't English interface now. You can ask me all translation questions in comments.

Good luck!


Sam said...

hey im russian! im the first born in america from my country. but i would'nt have anything to say about dating services. just stopping by to see if you would like to be my friend.


SeBe said...

Hi, Sam. It is start of a big friendship tonight. =)

Nice to meet you.

Sam said...

hi sergey.

i watch the show. though i DON'T agree with what they do to people. its embarassing, rude, and they have no shame for themselves to be acting like prissy teenagers. but im happy that we are blog friends. nice to meet you too!


Ricjie said...

There are many people who would like to meet Russian brides. But there is too much scam now that nobody trusts Russian dating sites anymore.

SeBe said...

ricjie, Yes that is a problem.

That's why I am link for a Russian service (for Russians). I have an account there and some my friends had. And it works.

I don't know how it will be for foreigners. =\

rustneversleeps said...

Hey dude, love your Weblog! Great service that you provide and it's helping me learn more about your beautiful country. I'm definitely coming to visit you all!

SeBe said...

Rusty, thanks a lot.

Now I had some problems with time. But I'll try to post new info soon.

Alex Appleton said...
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