Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Russian brides

I paid for her to regularly visit an osteopath to treat her backache and to the dentist (to fix her teeth). I paid for her and her son to attend a summer camp. I paid for repairs to her electrical appliances, which burnt out during a power surge. I paid for a new toilet pan. I bought her designer clothes and a new mobile phone so that she could keep in touch with her parents. I paid for medicines for her mother. I bought taxi cards to make her life easier. I even helped her pay off a debt to one of her cousins (Natalia Loshilova). In total over a 12-month period I had sent her over $5,000 by Western Union.
Just a usual story of a dating scam.


trfoss said...

The bad Russian girl s are screwing it up for the good ones, That's to bad man. I feel your pain....


office said...

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