Saturday, January 21, 2006

Russian Stereotypes

The way of life in Russia is very simple. Russians love to eat rye bread with herring and drink vodka the same way British drink their 5 o’clock tea. The fashion for fur coats and hats is at all times high and the cold winters are impossible to survive. The university professors have to sell matryoshkas to foreigners, and former teachers work as security guards and loaders. The average salary is $150 per month, but president Putin is still loved by all the nation. Playing balalaika and drinking vodka is their only entertainment and refuge from this hostile world. Especially, in light of the fact that at any moment there can be another explosion set up by the Chechens that will put an end to this miserable existence. The only hope is the children, who are keen fans of the band TaTu and dream of fleeing the country as soon as they are 18. A few dozen people who managed to make some money on the immense oil fields now live in exile, and Russia will soon go back to communism.

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A good way to destroy your Russian stereotypes.


Sam said...

how true it is.

my family escaped, im the first born in america. by the way i love matroshkys they are so cool and beautiful. grandparents have one of all the presidents up to Yeltsin, and my great grandma has the original doll ones. though what upsets me is that so many people want to flee their own country, it shows how Russia is becoming corrupt little by little, and its upsetting to know that when not only your family comes from their but you yourself love the people, the sites, and Russia itself.

Anastasia_Skliarova said...

I'm Russian, and although the initial concepts posted here about Russians is humorous, the majority of it is false.

We do love our vodka, yes, and rye bread on occasion, but playing the balalaika and drinking constantly is by no means our pastime.

Matryoshkas are culturally important, as a toy, so there wouldn't be any shame in selling them, and university professors are the more wealthy in economy.

TaTu sucks. Most Russians hate them.

And I've learned this from experience- although many teens wish to "escape" to America, it's sadly, more depressing here.

Boredom, no real history, and mass un-education.

\inconstanta said...

It is absolutely fullish, what you have posted before!!!! It is like you are from the last century. Maybe you will say also that bears are walking through the streets of cities?)) I do not believe that now any university's proffessor who respects himself/herself sell this kind of souveniers!! How can you tell about all of the Russians? I think, that the behavior depends not on the nation, but on the men. And I can say YES, we trust and believe in Putin, at least the youngest and advice you better to follow the political situation in our own country!

Eugeniu said...

part of it is true...but some of it is just funny, lived in russia 14 years and have to say one thing....LIFE IN US IS BORING AS HELL....not gonna lie...all these rules make life unsuportably boring and repetative, on the other hand the lack of rules in russia makes life enjoyable and..(DRUNK LOL)