Monday, July 31, 2006

Nick Paton Walsh: "How I learned to love Vlad"

As it feels like a sin, then this must be a confession. I have been in Moscow for four and a half years, reporting on the presidency of Vladimir Putin - its slow erosion of democratic freedoms, its savage disregard for the individual, its petro-dollar arrogance. I've been reflexively critical, due to the obvious truth that the battered Russian people deserve something better. They have done for centuries. But now my time here has come to an end, I need to confess: I am becoming something of a Putin fan.
The Guardian correspondent in Russia Nick Paton Walsh returning home. Some kind words from he.


copydude said...

This is an interesting take from an outsider. It's worth cross referencing this with an earlier article in the Observer about Putin's army of Western PR men and image consultants

SeBe said...

So, money has worked?

Yuri said...

You're funny guy. You think you so smart, everyone will just take you bs?
Самая большая проблема российской демократии в том, что это слово означает 'власть народа', то есть вещь, которой в России никогда не было.
I'm in USA, and I can see the real face of so called democracy. I don't want the war in Iraq! And I'm not along! Actually our president is almost along, but he's pushing his agenda forward. Did people of America let him know their opinion?
Democracy can be calculated! How many people in Russia support Putin? 80%? So it's democratic index is 0.8. Now. What about USA? 0.2! Your country, where prime minister had to go? 0.1? See the log in your eye first!