Sunday, July 02, 2006

Putin, Nikita and stomach

Recently Russian president Putin surprised a crowd of foreign and Russian tourists. By the way to residence Vladimir Vladimirovitch mind to communicate with tourists. He drawed attention to the boy 4-5 years old. He kneeled down and asked boy his name. Boy answered "Nikita", Putin lifted the boy's shirt and kissed his stomach. He then stood up, patted Nikita on the head and than walked away through the crowd of amazed tourists.

At the 6th of July Vladimir Putin will conduct a press conference. He’ll answer on the questions from foreign and Russian web users.
Of course most popular question (18 527 voices) "Answer, please, what was the reason of your act - kissing boy Nikita in stomach?"

More info here.

Kiss my shiny metallic stomach!

Image text: Kiss my shiny metallic stomach!

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