Monday, July 03, 2006

Welcome to Russia!

Life in Sent-Petersburg is really interesting and bright if you have money and you know when it will happens. A lot of clubs, galleries, festivals, different subcultures… - you‘ll need more and more time to see everything!

Theatres and museums are typical food for typical tourists. But I wanner show you other side of Russia. I wanner shock you.

The 4th St. Petersburg Tattoo & Body Art Festival – is the largest event of that kind in Russia, which gathers the best Tattoo masters and the Largest Tattoo Studios of Russia and the Former Soviet Union. This is the only chance in a year to see the Tattoo Art & Industry in Russian Federation.
…The end of this festival is show called hanging. Least said soonest mended. More and more photos here.

More info about festival here.

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