Friday, March 03, 2006

John Paul II

The 1981 assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II was the result of precise orders from the Soviet Union, an Italian parliamentary investigation has concluded.

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It's can't be true. There are no one reason to order it in Kremlin in 1981. I think, someone just want to "brand" John Paul II as a world's communism defeater...


W. Shedd said...

The supposed reasoning was the fact that as a Polish pope, he gave ideas, hope, faith ... what have you ... to workers in Poland. This was a huge at the time.

I was an Army Brat living in what was West Germany in 1980-1982 (and also 1975-1978). I remember what a big deal it was and also the worries of a Soviet invasion of Poland around the time of the Solidarity strikes in 1980-1981. US Forces were put on a state of high alert (my father was restricted to base for several weeks) as Soviet Forces DID mass on the Polish border. In fact, German radio initially broadcast that the Soviet Union DID invade Poland. It was some hours later that they retracted those reports.

Nothing ever became of it all in the end, but it was very tense times.

I think the old Soviets played hard-ball in the realm of ideas, and knocking off a Polish pope might have been seen as way to take the wind out of Solidarities sails.

SeBe said...

Did you think USSR is a greedy, criminal man?

Soviet Union was a country which wished happyness to his own citizens not less than to people all over the world.

More than that, in 80th SU was lawful state and certainly would not began to attempt upon a life of whom that if it did not threaten our safety.