Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Live photo journal

Museum of Wooden Architecture

Russian blogger and photographer konoplinovich recently visit open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture "Vitoslavlitsy", near Velikiy Novgorod. In his blog you can also find great photos of Saint Petersburg, Saint Isaac's Cathedral, Vladimir Ilich Lenin's monument and many more! Best recommendations.

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Having just returned from the Southern Urals TRAVELSAPIEN can attest to the rebirth of wooden architecture especially in new churches being constructed. Throughout the old "secret" zones the wooden log construction in homes in many villages looks very much like the Canadian Hudson Bay construction concepts. Similarity is interesting. As to Southern Urals it is listed as Siberia however it seemed a heck of a lot like Central Canada North Country. It is too bad the issue of radioactity remains. Many areas are restricted due to the ecological mistakes made in the past. The people seem to take it all in stride and simply suggest that life will go forward. From what TRAVELSAPIEN could see it is. Chelyabinsk a vibrant rebirth with many interesting opportunities in the new economy. Trust Russians will take advantage accordingly. By the way pickled Russian mushrooms WOW Nice. Could it be the radioactity? (lololololo) KIdding. Everyone should visit this incredible area. Many lakes, Sweeping landscapes, Great motorcycle riding country. YES The roads are great!