Monday, March 13, 2006

Presidential elections in Belarus

Presidential elections gonna be in Belarus on 19th March. Let's see two opinions:

Perhaps you heard the expression "Last Europe dictator". He, who is called so, heard this too. He very dislike this words. However 12 years passed and the dictator is in power now as before. It’s forbidden by the Constitution of Belarus. So, he rewrote the Constitution. Than he called presidential elections in order to there will be less conversations about dictatorship. KGB reported to him opposition forces are weak and it was guessed that there will not be any troubles. He order already to prepare papers about the dictator took 78% of electors’ votes, but it’s happened surprise.

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I find it interesting, and frankly quite predictable, that the elections about being placed in a narrative of the Ukraine’s Orange Revolution. In fact, some are already giving the would-be "revolution" a name - the "Denim Revolution." The drama is certainly building with all the physical attacks on the opposition. Let’s see how this narrative plays out in reality. To me this poses all sorts of questions about how "democratic" elections in the Former Soviet states are being framed in the West.

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I am really don't know what will happen there... United States and Russia had a big interests on this elections and they will compete. Peaceful, I hope.


W. Shedd said...

I don't think the US has anywhere near as big an interest in the Belarus elections, as Russia.

You will hear some complaining among political leaders here, simply because Americans refuse to believe in "benevolent dictators" or "enlightened despots" or whatever term you wish to prescribe to Lukashenko ... but I don't expect any real action against Belarus. It is a war of words only.

SeBe said...

Looks like true. Thanks for comment.