Monday, April 03, 2006

Moscow scinheads

NTV correspondent Elkhan Mirzoyev was beaten up by a group of youngsters in the Moscow metro on Monday morning shouting nationalist insults.

The incident occurred shortly after midnight, Mirzoyev recounted later. He was traveling by metro when a group of young men entered the car. They were drinking beer.

One of the new passengers, with hair closely cropped and dressed in camouflage and high black boots, sat down next to Mirzoyev and started to explain to him why people like Mirzoyev “must not live in Moscow”.

After that one of the youngsters poured beer on Mirzoyev, who fought back and received several blows on the head with beer bottles.
The incident occurred only a day after a senior culture official from the southern Russian province of Dagestan was savagely beaten in eastern Moscow. Zaur Titov, Culture Minister of Kabardino-Balkaria, suffered injuries in a fight with a group of drunken youngsters, as he tried to protect children who had been leaving a local cultural centre following a dancing training session, Russian NTV television reported Sunday.

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This is very sad and I am don't understand why goverment still doing nothing on this problem. =(

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