Thursday, April 13, 2006


For many users LiveJournal is an instrument for both individual and collective creativity. Writers and journalists post drafts of their works in their journal to get an immediate response, which they can use to improve their texts. Others compile books from their LJ postings. Others still write books in online collaboration. Alexander Zhitinsky, the chief of Helicon publishing house in St Petersburg recruits his authors among LJ users. Anton Nosik, the editor-in-chief of and, uses LJ as a virtual working place for his editorial teams. Artists, photographers, designers and other creative professionals exchange their works and discuss their ideas with peers. Philosophers and social commentators treat their journals as personal media and win large audiences.

Russian community at Livejournal is outstandung phenomenon in world's blogosphere. Today it counts 274 763 users. Read about Russian ZhZh in research by Eugene Gorny.

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samiranghosh said...

Heard Of Livejournal but thanks for providing me with the link. I'm from India and hope to visit Russia in the first half of next year. BTW, the folwers arrangement in your previous post was interesting. Just incase if you feel you can go through my post and share your comments.