Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Best Sherlock Holmes that ever appeared on screen

Boris Livanov as Sherlock Holmes

Photo by The Sherlock Holmes Museum of Baker Street

Livanov acted Holmes in nine television films made in 1979-1986 by Igor Maslennikov on the base of the stories by Arthur Conan Doyle. Livanov is widely admitted as the best Sherlock Holmes that ever appeared on screen. His photo is the biggest of those of all actors who ever played Holmes in the movies hanging in Sherlock Holmes museum in London.

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rusrick said...

I disagree. I live in Russia and have watched this actors' movies, and he is a far cry from the BBC series Holmes...REAL British and much closer to the book version of Holmes than the decent but by no means best Holmes. Sorry.

Your comment reminded me of one by a Russian who said that Shakespeare was better in Russian than in English. Except THAT Russian did not even KNOW English! I wonder what she would have thought if I'd said Pushkin is better in English than in Russian!

And as for the portrait of the Russian Holmes being larger and thus "proof" that the Russian is better, that is like saying that since Russia is the largest country in land area, it's the best.

SeBe said...

Rusrick, I am not seen BBC series, but IMHO Russian version is pretty good. =)

Words "Best Sherlock Holmes that ever appeared on screen" was said by Tony Brenton (British ambassador to Russia) in his interview to Radio Liberty.

And don't remember about Queen's decision to grant Boris Livanov the Order of the British Empire for acting Sherlock Holmes. ;)

Aleks said...

Hi Rick,
This is Alexandra writing to you.
Hope you have not forgotten our business at "ICC" (Glazov and Ural Arts)?
I am still in Spain. If you´d like, you may send me some lines of how the life had treated you during those 5 years. Time passes so quick!