Saturday, February 25, 2006


Not concerning all Russians, but me:

English, French and Russian soldiers are caught by nazis. They all are sentenced to death. Nazis lead them to the yard and ask if they have any last wishes. The Englishman says:
- A mug of beer.
He is brought a beer. The Frenchman says:
- A bottle of wine.
He is brought some wine. The Russian says:
- Kick me in the butt real hard.
A big 2-meter tall nazi steps forward and gives him a real mighty boot. The Russian flies several meters, falls to the ground like a piece of shit, jumps to his feet, grabs a machine gun from one of the Nazis, shoots them down and then the three prisoners run away. After a while the other two ask him:
- Why didn't you do that earlier? We were almost killed!
- We Russians cannot do anything unless someone kicks our butt!

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So... You know... I should work!

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