Friday, February 17, 2006

Russian flag

Russian flag

The colors are generally said to be symbolic of different things. One example is it's being symbolic of human qualities. These are:

  • White – nobility, frankness
  • Blue – honesty, commitment, chastity
  • Red – bravery, self-sacrifice, love

However it would seem that the colors have been given many different meanings over the years and if there is one specific meaning, it is difficult to be sure of what it is. It is more likely that the coloring of the flag was simply adopted from the coat of arms and has no symbolic meaning.

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Kelly said...

Hi Sergej!
I was told that this flag came from Petr I, based on the flag of Holland that he adapted for his Navy fleet.
I also see you are in Velikij Novgorod. I was there two weeks ago on excursion. I am studying in Piter for about 5 more months.

SeBe said...

Hi, Kelly!

Yes, your version can be true. Heraldics is not most strong science in today's Russia. =)

I hope, you like my town. ;) I think it very beautiful, and proud of living there.