Sunday, February 12, 2006

SEO report

I wish to know what generates interest to Russia from English-language people in Internet and have addressed to search engines for answer.

First of all, I go to Keyword Selector Tool. Let's look what popular search queries include word "Russia". Here some results, which I will include to my blog soon: travel, map, dating, flag, history, weather, fact, Iran, population, culture. I see four most popular themes: travel, facts, news, dating.

Next, I am checked search queries searched by users, searching "Russia" with Google. Here some interesting results: Putin, Kremlin, Chechnya, Romanov, Gorbachev, Bolshevik, current events, tourism, archangel.

I think this SEO report will define content of my blog for next month or two. Also I want to do some changes in my blog template in next some days. Wish a good SEO luck to me. ;)

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